North Lincolnshire launch Make £5 Blossom

Today is the launch of Make £5 Blossom in North Lincolnshire!

Budding entrepreneurs from local primary schools are meeting their business partners and Rotherham Ready for the first time.

Local businesses partners will make an initial investment of just £150 to help the young entreprneuers develop their business plans and launch a product or idea.  After training, each child will be given £5 and they have to make a profit – and then pay back their loan in full.

The pupils will be tasked with deciding who to sell to, what to sell, and where to sell it.

Investors and mentors will be invited to the presentations as well as being encouraged to visit the pupils in school throughout the project wherever possible. And certificates will be awarded for the most successful businesses, as well as the most innovative, creative and hard-working entrepreneurs.


(Pictured above: Budding entreprneurs meeting their business mentor for the first time at the launch of Make £5 Blossom in North Lincolnshire, 28 April 2011)

Check back next month to find out how the young entrepreneurs got on! Or click here for more information.

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