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The 14-19 Yorkshire & Humber Challenge

We want Yorkshire and Humber to be the best place to live and grow up, and we want to challenge ourselves to do the best we possibly can for our young people and achieve a world-class 14-19 education and training system.

Local authorities, businesses, the government and a range of other organisation, including the voluntary sector are working together to develop and promote the best education provision and employment opportunities for our young people (see footnote for more information).

Yorkshire and Humber is improving. However, it remains amongst the lowest of the nine English regions in a number of those areas, including the level of qualifications our young people achieve at age 16.

We must challenge ourselves and work together to change this situation — we must share and use our current resources and good practice more effectively and the focus will be on activities to support 14-19 year olds to achieve their potential.

Measures for Improvement
There are several issues which need to be tackled, and an in-depth analysis of data identified the following areas:-

  • Ensuring that young people enjoy learning, achieve and are positively engaged, leading to improved attainment, participation and progression
  • Closing the skills gap, to ensure economic well-being
  • Ensuring that all young people (including those that are vulnerable) are safe, and have a successful transition to adult life
  • Ensuring a high quality education and training provision for young people
  • Ensuring we use all our resources effectively to improve the quality of provision

We will work together and with our young people to achieve the above.

The 14-19 Yorkshire & Humber Challenge will:

  • Engage young people in decisions about their lives
  • Identify where effective strategies have tackled long-standing or stubborn problems (for example, low attainment and those not in education, employment or training).
  • Develop and support effective collaboration across education and training providers and employers.
  • Ensure that business enterprise underpins existing provision to ensure skills gaps are closed and young people are able to take up employment opportunities and further learning.

Action and Delivery
The goal of this challenge is to call all education, training and business partners to action with young people to ensure that Yorkshire & Humber is the best place to live and grow up, and to ensure we have a world class 14-19 education and training environment.

For more information, click here to visit the 14-19 challenge website


Footnote: Organisations who are involved: The Yorkshire & Humber Directors of Children’s Services; Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber; DCSF, Sheffield; The Learning & Skills Council; Turner & Townsend; The Regional Voluntary Sector Forum; Yorkshire Universities; The Regional Skills Partnership; Yorkshire Forward ; The Association of Colleges; and representatives from Work Based Learning providers.