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Embedding Enterprise in Education in Y&H

YPEF has been contracted by Yorkshire Forward to manage enterprise education within the ‘Embedding Enterprise in Yorkshire & Humber' programme. In line with both national and regional strategy, the programme promotes progression in the development and implementation of enterprise skills from primary through to Higher Education. The programme is championed and led by YPEF under the "Enterprising Yorkshire - Inspiring Young Minds" campaign and delivered by local partners with a strong focus on sharing best practice and maximising regional expertise.

Strands within the programme include:

• Primary
• Secondary - Continuous Professional Development for teachers
• Secondary - Enterprise Programmes
• Further Education
• Initial Teacher Training

Embedding Enterprise in Primary Education

In order to embed an enterprise culture and nurture key skills, we need to embed enterprise from an early age. Central government (through DCSF and BIS) has recognised the important role primary education will play in enterprise education and for the last four years, Yorkshire Forward has funded the development and delivery of an extensive primary education project in Rotherham known as Rotherham Ready which is now recognised as best practice nationally. Rotherham Ready is an Enterprise Education programme run by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

YPEF have contracted with Rotherham MBC to extend their primary education programme to other parts of the Yorkshire & Humber region. A 3 year project commenced in 08/09, run in the Hull City Council area and known as Hull Ready. The programme aims to work with local partnerships to ensure that it adds value and builds on existing activity as well as sharing national and international best practice and bringing together innovative partnerships to move the region towards its goal of being the best place for young people to live and grow up in. The first year of Hull Ready has been a great success, involving 18 schools overall, 10 of whom worked in partnership with local businesses from the St. Stephen's Shopping Centre on the Make £5 Blossom campaign.

Keep an eye on the news stories and case studies sections for updates on Rotherham Ready and Hull Ready.

Secondary - Continuous Professional Development for teachers

It is of the utmost importance to ensure that teachers understand enterprise education and why skills are so important to employers. Through enterprise education, we can help young people of all abilities develop key skills and be better equipped to tackle life after school in employment. This programme of work focuses on Continuous Professional Development with teachers to ensure they have the skills to embed enterprise education in every aspect of school life. The Enterprise Education Research undertaken by Dubit on behalf of YPEF in May 2009 confirmed how important CPD is to the embedding of enterprise education within schools.

In early 2010 YPEF and partners will be organising 2 major senior management team conferences in the region, one aimed at primary and one at secondary. Further details will be published shortly.

Secondary - Enterprise Programmes

Linking employers to enterprise education is crucial to the success of embedding enterprise in education and the wider aim of stimulating a more enterprising culture in the region. YPEF are engaging with a number of partners on various projects to build on the current levels of employer engagement in enterprise education.

The region's flagship project is the Real Business Challenge, developed by Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd, supported by Yorkshire Forward and YPEF and coordinated by the region's Education Business Partnerships. The Real Business Challenge is in its 5th year now and continues to go from strength to strength. On stage at the Real Business Challenge 2009!

Following on from the success of the inaugural Northern Rail Film Challenge in 2009, YPEF and Northern will be running the Challenge again in 2010. The 2009 Challenge sought a rail safety film aimed at young people. The new Challenge will be based on the Engineering Diploma and the design of a 21st century railway carriage.

In October 2009, YPEF and partners put on the StepUP event for Calderdale and Kirklees schools. This was a huge event involving 500 young people, 70 business mentors and numerous very high profile speakers, such as Richard Reed of Innocent Drinks and Imran Hakim, creator of the i-Teddy and Dragon's Den success. Following on from the event, YPEF will be working in collaboration with Calderdale and Kirklees Local Authorities to follow up with the participating schools. Feedback to date has been extremely positive.

For the 2009 academic year, YPEF has put in place the Enterprise Enhancement Fund. This fund gives eligible schools the opportunity to apply for up to £2,000 to enhance their current enterprise provision. The funding is dependent on the school contributing 40% of the total project cost and all applications are subject to approval by YPEF's panel. Full details are available under the Key Projects section of this website.

Keep an eye on the news stories and case studies sections for updates on all our enterprise projects.

Further Education

In 2008 YPEF contracted with Park Lane College (now known as Leeds City College) as the lead in a consortium of colleges from around the region, to deliver a programme of CPD, resources and support for teachers to ensure that enterprise education is delivered as part of every course, creating an enterprise culture in every aspect of college life. A Regional Enterprise Coordinator was put in place to disseminate best practice and encourage partnership working between FE colleges across the region and across education sectors. An Enterprise Education Network for FE Enterprise Champions was set up to provide a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas. Following the success of the first year of this project and with the approval of YPEF members, this contract has been extended for a further 2 years. Membership of the FE Network has grown to 20 colleges in 2009 and is expected to grow further in the coming year.

Keep an eye on the news stories and case studies sections for updates on the Enterprise in FE programme.

Initial Teacher Training

It is crucial that teachers understand enterprise education and its close links to skills development. This requires continuous professional development (CPD) at 2 levels - firstly as part of the initial teacher training process and secondly as a continuance of training for newly qualified teachers (NQTs).

A pilot programme for ITT students took place at Sheffield Hallam University, followed up with a programme in partnership with Rotherham Ready. Leeds University and Trinity and All Saints College both held workshops for PGCE students in the summer term 2009 and further workshops are planned for the current academic year. 

Keep an eye on the news stories and case studies sections for updates on the Initial Teacher Training programme.

For further information about any of the above projects, contact Youth Enterprise Services:

Tel: 0113 394 7949