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Embedding Enterprise in Further Education

The Enterprise in Further Education project is part of the "Embedding Enterprise in Yorkshire & Humber Programme" which is supported by Yorkshire Forward.


Interim Review

In May 2010 YPEF Services Ltd, working with Dubit Ltd, carried out the "Enteprising FE Network Study" as an interim review of the projects impact. This document is available below.

The Network Study adopted the same model used for the Secondary Education "State of Enterprise Education in Yorkshire & Humber". This was extended to provide analysis across the following 11 themes.

1. Enterprise Coordinator Role
2. Enterprise Strategy
3. Enterprise Activities
4. Continuous Professional Development
5. Funding
6. College Network
7. Network Events
8. Website
9. Enterprise Framework
10. Regional FE Enterprise Coordinator
11. Future

This Study has provided a robust set of recommendations for the Enterprising FE Network, these included:

"The Network should continue to provide: direction, cohesion and partnership opportunities for the diverse membership. Key challenges to overcome: sustainability and ensuring that colleges continue to support each other to realise and promote the benefits of Enterprise in FE. The network should continue to build on the growing body of evidence to support the case for Enterprise Education as a statutory requirement in the FE curriculum."

Dowload PDF:   Enterprise in FE Network Study


Enterprise in Further Education - Project Background

In 2008 YPEF contracted with Park Lane College (now known as Leeds City College) as the lead in a consortium of colleges from around the region, to deliver a programme of CPD, resources and support for teachers to ensure that enterprise education is delivered as part of every course, creating an enterprise culture in every aspect of college life.

A Regional Enterprise Coordinator was put in place to disseminate best practice and encourage partnership working between FE colleges across the region and across education sectors. An Enterprise Education Network for FE Enterprise Champions was set up to provide a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas. Following the success of the first year of this project and with the approval of YPEF members, this contract has been extended for a further 2 years. Membership of the FE Network has grown to 20 colleges in 2009 and is expected to grow further in the coming year.

For more information, keep an eye on the news stories and further education case studies sections for regular updates on the Enterprise in FE programme.