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Y&H Enterprise Education Research 2009 & 2011

In 2009 YPEF Services Ltd commissioned Dubit to provide a robust overview of the State of Enterprise Education in Yorkshire & Humber, through a piece of primary research with Enterprise Coordinators and Head Teachers.

204 (48%) of the 427 secondary schools and colleges in the region took part.

Key findings include:

  1. 70% of enterprise education is delivered in-house.
  2. 65% of teachers view CPD as a valuable tool for enterprise education.
  3. Teachers see enterprise education having a significant impact on preparing young people for life after school; motivation levels and raising the aspirations of young people.
  4. To embed a culture of enterprise in schools, the main opportunities are: secure senior management support; sharing of good practice between schools; a ring-fenced enterprise budget and greater involvement of employers.

Download the Summary 2009 Report: Y&H Enterprise Education Research 2009 Summary report.pdf

Download the Full 2009 Report: Y&H Enterprise Education Research 2009 Full Report.pdf


2011 - rerun of the State of Enterprise Education in Yorkshire and Humber research

In 2011, Youth Enterprise Services (formerly YPEF Services Ltd) commissioned Dubit to re-run the original 2009 research. The scope of the research was limited by funding cuts to 54 schools, all of whom had participated in the original 2009 research. Whilst it is difficult to draw clear conclusions from such a small sample size, the research does provide an interesting snapshot of the perceived changes over a 2 year period at some of the region's most enterprising schools.

Download the full 2011 Report: Enterprise education 2011 research report.pdf