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YES (Youth Enterprise Services)

YES is a not for profit company that provides the administrative support to the Young People's Enterprise Forum. www.yes2enterprise.com

YES has 4 Non-Executive Directors: Martin Hathaway (the Chair), Deirdre Bounds, Justin Whitston and William Oxley. The Non-Executive Directors bring a broad range of skills and expertise to the YES Board.



Martin has been involved with YPEF since its inception in 2000 and has been instrumental in the development of both YPEF and YES. In addition to his work with YPEF, Martin is a director of YourRail Ltd, an innovative South Yorkshire company which has become the first in the UK to provide train tickets directly to mobile phones.

Before joining YourRail, Martin was the Chief Executive of Yorkshire & Humber Chambers of Commerce Ltd which represents the views of, and provides support to, 13,000 businesses in Yorkshire. Working closely with regional and national bodies, Martin has had a seat on the Regional Assembly and has successfully set up and run 2 social enterprises, both of which have £million turnovers. Martin has spent the last 13 years working in business support in a number of management roles, having previously worked in the City of London as a futures broker. Enterprise has always been a key interest of Martin's and he has been involved in a number of businesses as an owner and non-executive director. He is currently Yorkshire Regional Chair of Young Enterprise. Always looking for the next big deal, Martin is also a non-executive director of Partnership Investment Fund Limited, a £40 million venture capital company.


William was born in Barnsley and educated at Holgate Grammar School and Durham University. He spent the next 20 years in corporate life working and moving around the country as the roles demanded. Since 1994, William has lived in Yorkshire working as a management consultant and developing businesses in the hospitality industry. He and his wife, Pat, own one of the region’s top bed and breakfast operations and are both involved in the wider tourism industry. William still works with a range of clients primarily focussing on developing senior people and teams.

Involvement with the Young People’s Enterprise Forum began in 2004 when William was instrumental in re-launching the Forum and the later creation of YES.

His interest in encouraging enterprise in young people has never waned and he has continued to carry out work on behalf of the Forum. In his new role, he particularly wants to focus on the involvement of small businesses in enterprise education and championing self employment as a positive choice.


Deirdre is a former stand-up comedienne, world backpacker and teacher who set up the ethical travel company, i-2-i.com. This company was set up from a bedsit in Leeds and became a global leader in ethical travel within 10 years. Deirdre is also a world-class motivational speaker on topics such as Enterprise, Leadership, Women in Business and Young People in Enterprise. She is also the author of 'Fulfilled- A Personal Revolution in 7 Steps' - a self-development book published in June 2009.


Justin started out in business at a young age and in 2000 set up Nexus Vehicle Management, growing it to become the largest independent provider of rental vehicles to corporate businesses in the UK. In 2007 he exited the business to private equity in a multi million pound deal. Since selling Nexus, Justin has become an active investor in local businesses and also devotes the majority of his time to funding, mentoring and working with young people to give them the best possible start in business. He has formed and runs his own startup school, Venturelab, which is based in Brewery Wharf, Leeds.

YES is the trade name of YPEF Services Ltd, a not for profit company promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship for young people
Registered in England & Wales, No. 5795139
Registered address: The Half Roundhouse, Wellington Road, Leeds, LS12 1DR